Once you registered on the website you would choose the wire method and then you would make the request from the trading platform for the amount that you wish to purchase. You would also then enter the address of your bitcoin wallet and also check the amount to make sure that is the amount you wish to purchase.

You then from your bank teller or from your online banking you would wire the funds to our bank account. Your first trade we would confirm your trade amount first and make sure your ready to wire before you get any bank account information, so don’t feel lost if after your trade was made nothing happened that second. You will soon receive a bank account number, address, account name and all the other info you would need to complete the wire from your bank account to our bank account. All this is will happen after your trade request.

If this is your first time to wire you have to wait until we confirm your trade and send you our bank info but after your first trade all your trades after are automatically approved and you can continue to make the wire anytime after your trade. Wires are the best and cheapest way to buy bitcoin. We charge 2% over normal rates and we always settle the account the same day the wire is received. There is no waiting for days for approval and there is no waiting for your bitcoin. It is very simple, once we have your wire we send you your bitcoin.

If all this still sounds to complicated, has the best support and has live a message board to help you with any of your questions to buy bitcoin. You can buy bitcoin anytime using our trading platform and have your trades honored.

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